Paper RPG

Paper RPG (short: pRPG) is a small and fun game. You only need a pencil, one sheet of paper and a pretty good buddy to play with. Some might consider using a brain to increase skills. It is a game of intelligence, fate and a bit luck. You create your own character with different attributes and battle enemy creeps in order to gain experience and thus increase your character’s attributes.

Today was the first time we (Victor and Michael, the founder of pRPG) have played each other. It was a decent, fair and funny fight. I started with Boris, focused on STR/DEX, whereas pwn, also known as the luckbox, was quite allrounded.

He began the battle with a critical attack for 9 dmg right away. I encountered him with a typical miss. pwn was hunting Boris down and attacked for 6 dmg. It didn’t look quite good for Boris at this time, but he turned on doomswitch and thus hit a critical strike for 21 dmg. After around five minutes, Boris won the game with 8 hp left. Pretty close, indeed.

You can play this game as well. It is not completed yet, but it is also fun to play with the current “rules”. We will add several features like leveling up, fighting creeps, using skills etc. in the future.

We would really appreciate any feedback or fighting reports.

So long,



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