pRPG grows.

Yesterday, all of a sudden, we have had an enormous bunch of traffic. A total of 39 users have viewed this site. Yay! Thus, we are developing pRPG further on. There is a new character sheet in the download section and some rules have been updated. Additionally, Boris and pwn have fought once more as well.

You can now print out a quick overview of the game and play pRPG almost everywhere (remember to bring a good calculator or any random number generator). You should better have a look into the download section.

This time, Boris and pwn were just able to virtually face each other. Yes, you can even play pRPG over the internet! As for obligatoric reasons, cheating is not even a thought in the minds of real pRPG players.

Boris focused on DEX, thinking of about 90% hits. pwn focused on STR/DEX, which should turn out to be a good distribution.

Boris begins the game by – yes, indeed – a miss. pwn immediately took his chance to hit worth his maxdmg. This is a typical starting round between Boris and pwn. Nevertheless, Boris did not give up and tried to win this game. All in vain.

pwn, aka The Luckbox, still had around 30 hp when he defeated Boris. Although a critical strike for a devastating 6 dmg could not help Boris out.

We would appreciate to be hearing from any pRPG player of his or hers battle log! Ideas and critics are welcome.


4 Responses to pRPG grows.

  1. pwn says:

    harharhar, i did it again! damn, i’m overpowered!

    btw. i am glad to hear that such a huge amount of people visited this site.
    so now the whole world (around 39people) knows, who’s the king!

    so to speak, download the rules, read ’em and have fun beating each other off!

    the only one, pwn.

  2. Lelouch says:

    an idea for leveling system is having bosses for each level. and u can have a co-op thing going. two players can fight one boss and the fighting sequence is like the game final fantasy. just an idea though. it is more better than just leveling up every time you fight.. but this is suppose to be a quick small game… so … its up to you..

    then u might have weapons and armor which drop randomly from monsters (calculated from random number ) … which adds stats or hitrate or criticalrate or sumthing

  3. pwn says:

    we actually thought of item drops earlier. we also think of random mobs, which one can fight in order to level up or get better equipment. but we figured out a small mistake, which we currently try to fix. the strength ability is definetly overpowered right now. eventualy we will add another attribute, or change some values in the formula.
    the boss fight sounds great as well.
    but right now we have vacations and almost no time to work on it. when school starts there’s enough time to develop.

    anyway, thanks for the feedback and ideas. =)

  4. pwn says:

    btw, panse füg mal ein diskussionsthread ein. immer unter den news zu kommentieren wird auf dauer unübersichtlich und is definitiv nicht nutzerfreundlich ^^

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