About pRPG

Paper RPG (short: pRPG) is a small and fun game. You only need a pencil, one sheet of paper and a pretty good buddy to play with. Some might consider using a brain to increase skills. It is a game of intelligence, fate and a bit luck. You create your own character with different attributes and battle enemy creeps in order to gain experience and thus increase your character’s attributes.

Some of you might know World of Warcraft, Ragnarok, Ultima Online, Runescape etc. These are all RPGs (Role Play Games) in which you create your own character, fight enemies and level up as well. BUT, pRPG is played in reallife, so the graphics, sounds, interactions and emotions are much better.

This is a short explanation of the game:

– create your own character and distribute stats (strength, dexterity etc.)

– calculate some properties of your char (hitpoints, dodge % etc.)

– fight creeps and gain experience, so you can level up and distribute additional stats

– yell at your buddy to show up to the greatest battle in history

– enjoy your glorius win!

– repeat step 1


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