How to play


You need the following items to play pRPG:

– at least two sheets of paper
– at least one pencil
– a nice buddy to play with
– a good calculator with a function to generate random numbers (such as the TI-83)


Character creation

Both players start by creating their character. There are four different attributes:

Strength (STR): increases hitpoints (HP) and maximum damage (maxdmg)
Dexterity (DEX): increases chance to hit an attack (hit)
Agility (AGI): increases chance to dodge an attack (dodge) and to be the first one to attack in a fight
Luck (LUK): increases chance to hit a critical attack (3x dmg, crit)

Distribute 14 points on the different attributes with at least one point each. For example: STR 3, DEX 6, AGI 2, LUK 3. As you have done so, you need to calculate the following values:

– hp = 30 + STR*5 => 30 + 15 = 45
– hit = 50 + DEX*5 => 50 + 30 = 80
– dodge = 10 + LUK + AGI*3 => 10 + 3 + 6 = 19
– crit = 10 + LUK*3 => 10 + 9 = 19

Character creation is now complete.


At first, you need to calculate your hitrate as well as the range of damage (dmg). The formula is:

hitrate = 100 – hit + enemydodge

dmg(min, max) = (level, level*2 + STR)

In addition, you need to determine who will attack first. Compare your character’s AGI with your opponent’s. The char with higher AGI will begin. If both chars have equal points of AGI, roll a dice.

Let’s say Player A will attack first. He generates a random number between 1-100 (from now on: r(1-100)). If his hitrate is less or equal than X, he will hit (hitrate<=X).

In case he hits, generate r(1-100) once more to determine whether it is a critical attack. If his crit is less or equal than X, he will hit thrice the damage (crit<=X).

At last, generate r(dmg) and decrease the opponent’s hp by X. Remember to multiply X by 3 in case you hit a critical attack.

Repeat these steps until one of the character’s hp drops below 1.

Step by Step

  1. Distribute a total of 14 stats with a minimum of 1 in each attribute.
  2. Calculate properties
  3. Compare both your and your opponent’s AGI. The player with the higher AGI begins. In case they are equal, flip a coin.
  4. The battle begins.
  5. Generate a random number (X) in-between 1-100.
  6. If your hitrate is less or equal than X (hitrate <= X), you will hit. Otherwise, you will miss.
  7. In case you hit, check if you will attack critically. Generate X in-between 1-100 and check if X is greater or equal than your CRIT (CRIT >= X). If so, you will multiply damage by 3.
  8. Generate X in-between your mindmg and maxdmg. Remember to multiply damage by 3 if you hit a critical attack. Decrease the HP of villain by the amount of damage. When a player’s HP reaches 0 or below, the remaining player wins (see step 10).
  9. It is now Player B’s turn (return to step 5).
  10. Both players level up. You can now add 3 more stats to you attributes. You are not allowed to redistribute stats.

One Response to How to play

  1. prpg gamer says:

    this is awesome. iv been looking for a simple formula prpg game like this. all the other ones on the net are extremely complicated. :S

    il play this is with a friend some time soon. :D

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